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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  May 3, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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thanks, erica. maybe rudy giuliani should have received the hush money. "the lead" starts right now. the white house facing a severe crisis of credential adds press secretary saunders she is sometimes feeding us dishonest information. the new lawyer turns the stormy daniels scandal upside down admitting that the president did pay back hush money. stormy daniels' attorney here to respond. could president trump toss his son-in-law under mueller's bus in order to save his daughter? the stunning comments from rouge you might not have heard. >> this is cnn breaking news.
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good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead." the white house facing a deep crisis in afternoon with reporters after the president's new lawyer rudy giuliani admitted that donald trump did indeed pay the $130,000 to stormy daniels to keep her quiet about the alleged affair with donald trump. by reimbursing his personal attorney michael cohen who made the original payment and a claim that contradicts what donald trump and communications staff have been telling you all year. >> mr. president, did you know about the $130,000 payment to stormy daniels? >> no. >> there was no knowledge of any payments from the president. >> from my attorney. >> president strongly, clearly and has consistently denied these underlying claims. >> he did absolutely nothing
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wrong. there were no campaign funds. >> look, the president denied the allegations. >> do you know where he got the money to pay the payment? >> i don't know. >> president trump undeathered to the truth clear for quite some time and the staffers ordered to follow suit since the spray of nonsense of crowd sizes and the continuing insistent lies by the president and the president's men and women has been reaching a fever pitch. we have all angles of the story from the white house to the political panel to stormy daniels' attorney and let's begin with some breaking news on the chaos that rudy giuliani's media blitz is causing. let's go right to cnn's gloria borger. you're learning that giuliani's comments confused and angered some of the people on president trump's own legal team. >> oh, exactly. my colleagues pamela brown, evan
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perez and i have been talking to some of these people and people in the circle and as if rudy giuliani threw a hand grenade into the middle of his own legal team having just joined a short while ago. nobody expected that he would go on fox news and say what he said last night about the president, about michael cohen, about the payoff to stormy daniels and how -- and how that was handled. and, you know, these people are kind of in shock saying that this is rudy giuliani winging it, that he was really brought on, a, to do some sort of hardball new york negotiating with mueller but, b, to stick to the talking points for the president which is that he is treated unfairly, that james comey is not telling the truth and on and on. and instead, he veered off into some territory that nobody wanted him to go into save perhaps the president because there is a theory, of course, that he and the president spoke
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about this both before and after at least that's what giuliani says. >> that's right. giuliani said he coordinated this with the president or informed him of sharing the news and any evidence giuliani coordinated this with anyone on the president's legal team? >> no, no, no. in fact, if he had they would have said to him, are you kidding me? you know? do not do this. we are trying to get to the end of this. we are not to try to stir up and resurrect this stormy daniels problem. what we are trying to do is sit down with mueller and figure out a way to get the president out of the russia investigation and figure out a way he can testify in a narrow way or not testify. that is what you are here for. instead rudy giuliani hijacked the strategy as one person put it and decided to veer off in his own direction so they all are scratching their heads, they're angry. they're frustrated.
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they're upset. you know? as one of them said to me, look, it is a little depressinging because we have got a new team on board. they have the husband and wife team, the ras kins from florida who have just joined rudy giuliani. and now they're -- they feel like now they have been set back and this is probably a good day for a person you're going do interview later. >> let's go now to cnn's jeff zeleny at the white house. gloria, thank you for that breaking news. jeff, sarah sanders said this afternoon that the white house communications officials give, quote, the very best information that we have at the time. what does best information mean in that context? because, surely, we know it does not mean most accurate. >> reporter: jake, she said that more than once. that was her default position today but we know now after 15 months of this administration whether something is coming from the president or the press secretary, many things simply turn out not to be so after the fact.
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she also said i was struck by this, jake, she learned about this change of strategy on stormy daniels and reasoning from watching television last night. that's a clear sign this credibility crisis here is rooted in the oval office. >> what a day. what a beautiful day. >> reporter: president trump searching for rays of optimism today amid more white house whiplash over new revelations he was the source of hush money paid to stormy daniels before the 2016 election. rudy giuliani one of the president's new lawyers contradicting months of denials. the president knew anything about the $130,000 payment his lawyer michael cohen made to the adult film star. >> the president repaid it. >> reporter: those four words, the president repaid it, are at odds with everything that the president and white house led americans to believe. it is clear trump and the new legal team with a two-front war, a legal political fight. they're hoping to i knock late
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themselves for an investigation they cannot control. a month ago, mr. trump said this on air force one. >> do you know about the $130,000 payment to stormy daniels? then why -- do you know where he got the money to make that payment? >> i don't know. >> reporter: today at a national day of prayer ceremony he didn't answer a central question weighing on the white house. >> mr. president, why are you changing your story on stormy daniels? >> reporter: he acknowledged the payment and the legal rationale saying the agreement was used to stop the false and extortionist accusations by her about an affair. cohen, the president's long-time lawyer, is under fbi investigation. at issue whether the $130,000 paid to keep stormy daniels from talking about the alleged affair could be seen as an illegal campaign contribution. giuliani said cohen was paid back. >> definitely reimbursed.
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if we have to defend this, we could do that. this was a personal reason. >> reporter: cnn learned white house officials caught off guard by the remarks, a point he did not dispute. he told cnn -- they were, there was no way they wouldn't be. the president is my client. i don't talk to them. for months white house press secretary sarah sanders denied allegations of the president's affair or knowledge of the hush money. she said today she was not knowingly misleading americans. >> the first awareness i had was the interview last night. >> reporter: now, jake, she went on to say that the president eventually learned about this payment to stormy daniels, it was a process. she did not say how he eventually learned about the fact he reimbursed the payment himself and she was asked directly if the president believes he is above the law. one word to say, she said, no. jake? >> jeff zeleny, just to follow up, the white house and the president have been misleading
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the public on this issue for quite sometime. did sarah sanders apologize? >> reporter: jake, there was no apology. there was simply i offer the best information that i have when it comes to me so it's clear that she is kept in the dark like many officials here are kept in the dark on many things and clear the president is, you know, controlling the information here but no apology at that point. she did say one interesting thing, she said i'll do the best job i can with the information available as long as i'm in this position. jake, you do sort of wonder how long someone can stay in a position being the face of an administration simply not saying words that turn out to be true. jake? >> all right. jeff zeleny, thank you. let's bring in the attorney for stormy daniels, michael you have said before you're convinced that michael cohen is going to flip on president trump. do you think that giuliani interviews possibly were him trying to get in front of whatever cohen might know or the
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documents seized in the raids? in other words, get the information out as soon as possible because it comes out anyway. >> i absolutely believe that, i believe this was an attempt to hang a lantern on this and disclose it on terms that he believed to be friendly to the president and friendly to him, the problem, jake, is -- and you put your finger on it at the beginning of the show. the problem is you have had four months or thereabouts of constant lies and let's call it like we see it. these are not half truths or possibly being mislead. these are outright lies to the american people. they're lies by michael cohen. lies by michael cohen's attorney david schwartz, lies by donald trump, lies by people running the white house briefings. they're lies. the american people have been lied to repeatedly in connection with this. and the fact that we have videotape of the president of the united states on air force one being asked point-blank about this and openly lying to the american people should be an
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outrage to everyone. i don't care what your politics are. i don't care if you're the left, the right or the center. this is not right and it shouldn't be tolerated. >> giuliani today had some harsh words for you calling you a balance chaser, you should turn in your law license. i wanted to give you an opportunity to respond. >> you know, jake, we must be doing a really good job because the best they have got is name calling, they want to call me and my clients names, a balance chaser, distract away from the issues at hand and the facts. we've done a remarkable job. my client has shown incredible courage and she's going to continue to do so and we are going to keep fighting until all of the facts and all of the evidence are coming to light. i i'm no ambulance chaser. people can look at my background and know i'm a real lawyer and let me tell you something. rudy giuliani knows i'm real lawyer. the only person that seems to be ignorant as to the law right now
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is rudy giuliani in two respects. number one, he suggest that is the only way you can have a campaign finance violation if you use campaign funds for the $130,000. that's not even close to being the law and then secondly he seems to suggest recently in the last hour or two relatting to these wiretap allegation that is the president should have been informed that mr. cohen being wiretapped. not only is that not permitted but that's illegal had anyone done it so i'm confident in my abilities and confident in my client. >> i don't know if you saw but george conway, a noted conservative lawyer in washington, d.c., he was talked about as a possible solicitor general candidate for president trump, his wife happened to be kellyanne conway, he tweeted the description of violation might have been occurred with this quote/unquote loan. if president trump, if michael
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cohen paid this $130,000 to stormy daniels for election purposes and giuliani suggested in his interview on fox that one of the concerns was having this be raised in the election, so if it was for election purposes and president trump repaid him what exactly is the possible federal election code violation? >> well, there's a number of potential violations. you can have a -- it could be considered an in kind contribution reported. very likely could be a contribution beyond the limit of any one individual's ability to contribute to a campaign. if there was communication between michael cohen and donald trump relating to the way that this was going to be done in order to keep it off the books that could also be a problem. and, jake, i also want to pinpoint an issue that i think is really important here. if this was all board as rudy giuliani now wants the american people to believe and there was nothing wrong with this, then why did they have to structure
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reimbursement payment across many months for retainer invoices that are bogus? why wouldn't the president cut a check for $130,000 back to michael cohen directly or wired the money back to michael cohen directly? why create an llc and go through the structuring to reimburse the money? the whole thing stinks and the american people are smarter than this. >> michael, thank you so much. appreciate your time. >> thank you. did rudy giuliani just completely undermine the president's and the trump administration's credibility? we'll talk about that with the political panel next. stay with us. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable
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we're back with the politics lead today as the white house scrambles to try to attempt to explain the conflicting answers given by the president and the communications staff about a
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six-figure payment made to an adult film actress. the white house acknowledging that the president did repay the personal attorney $130,000 that cohen gave to stormy daniels and for months, of course, both president trump and the staff completely denied it. let's bring in my panel. caitlyn collins, so the president was lying and his staff was lying. >> that's the question here. i mean, less than a month ago the president said he didn't know about that payment and he didn't know where the money came from. last night from rudy giuliani a lawyer who's joined the president's legal team that doesn't work at the white house is the one that told us, in fact, the president did know about that payment and he did know where the money came from because it came from him. who are we supposed to believe here? because for months we have been told by the president and the white house he didn't know about the payment and had nothing to do it and now saying that he did do it. the question is, did they know about it? of course sarah sanders saying
1:20 pm
she just learned about it last night and raises the question of how's the white house trustful with reporters if they can't even know what the president is telling them? because, clearly, the president sold sanders he didn't make or know about the payment. >> and bill kristol, sarah sanders asked repeatedly this afternoon about the changing story. take a listen. >> we give the very best information that we have at the time. i do that every single day and will continue to do that every day i'm in this position. >> when did you specifically know that the president repaid mr. cohen for the $130,000? you personally. >> the first awareness i had was during the interview last night. >> so bill, as kaitlyn outlined, president trump was lying to the country about this and his own communications director. >> yeah. i think he's been lying for three years on and off on a huge variety of topics including his own background or things he's
1:21 pm
done, seen, positions he's just changed and so forth. and he's paid very little price. i think that's the fact that in -- this is his modus operandi. most of us assume if you do that over and over and change your story many, many times you pay a price for that. he was elected president of the united states. he is not wildly popular. he hasn't improved the approval rating much as president and held his base. he's got a strong support of republicans on the hill or at least some strong support and grudging acquiesce and fanatical support of his base and some media and unbelievable excuse making and some of the supporters you wouldn't think would do that like the evangelicals and whom kaitlyn was with this morning. i think people, the lawyers, i mean, great to see the legal analysis of this particular statement of giuliani's helps on the fec violation and hurts on
1:22 pm
this part of law. trump is not thinking about that. trump is not going to presumably appear in a court of law. maybe he'll get dragged in with the stormy daniels case and probably deny that as much as possible. he is in a political fight, war. this is worked for him well. discrediting opponents, throwing mud everywhere. some sticks. stuff that doesn't stick, moves on. we all -- so much going on and we forget about so many of these lies so quickly. and that's his -- what he is doing. fighting a political war. from his point of view, i'm not so sure he's not doing pretty well and ultimately he has real problems with the substance underneath this, you know, that could be discovered by mueller and this investigation. >> robby, the president's new lawyer rudy giuliani revealed the president's payment and he told "the washington post" that the president paid cohen with personal funds. quote, they were paid in the personal funds and never considered a campaign payment and more a harassment case and
1:23 pm
also said this, quote, imagine if that came out on october 15th, 2016, in the middle of the last debate of hillary clinton. cohen didn't even ask. he made it go away. he did his job. so, how is this not related to the campaign? >> yeah. exactly. i medium not a lawyer here but sometime, you know, we're very focused on the fact that the president lies. i don't think there's any news in that. they lie about everything. we just found out he dictated a bogus health letter to the doctor yesterday. we do have incrementally evidence of a violation and perhaps two different angles. somebody can't give something of value to your campaign and the campaign not report that so either a loan needed to be reported because this amount of money is illegal to give to a campaign. cohen could have given up to $2,7 00 in the general election or needed to be reported as the president reimbursing and a personal contribution from the president himself which can be
1:24 pm
unlimited. so there's clearly a campaign finance violation but that's not that new. i think what's new today is that you are starting to see the president's own team have to back off a little bit. this press conference was fascinating because you could see sarah huckabee sanders is probably now worried personally if she is aiding and abetting the lying actively and knows she is lying it is potentially obstruction of justice. i'm not a lawyer but you could almost see it in her demeanor. something is different today. i probably used to think naively the republicans will have to come to terms with this in the house and senate and i wonder if where the dam starts is with the president's own staff. they will be in their own legal jeopardy if they continue to kind of play the game that they have been trying to play and actively participate in the lying the way that they have. >> all right. everyone, stick around. we have a lot more to talk
1:25 pm
about. what else rudy giuliani said that could play a major role in the special counsel's investigation. might not be as covered as much as other parts of that interview. stay with us. into retirement... and a little nervous. but not so much about what market volatility may do
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the others? nope! get internet on our gig-speed network and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call or go on line today. in addition to this fiasco over rudy giuliani revealing that president trump had actually reimbursed attorney cohen for that stormy daniels hush payment, the white house is also today scrambling to respond to a bombshell of rudy giuliani, a new run why president trump fired former fbi director james comey. does this giuliani revelation now factor into the obstruction of justice case that robert mueller might be building? jessica schneider looks into the kind of strategy giuliani's comments may now reveal. >> reporter: rudy giuliani, the newest member of president trump's legal team, making the case for why the president is
1:30 pm
ready for battle with the special counsel robert mueller. >> this started as collusion with the russians. no. >> right. >> now they go to obstruction of justice, collusion among the players. what they're trying to do is trap him in perjury. we're not suckers. >> reporter: expressed the disappointment and frustration with the attorney general jeff sessions who recused himself from the russia probe and urged sessions and the deputy attorney general to shut down the investigation. >> the two of them can redeem themselves, sessions and rosenstein. they should order the investigation over. >> i don't think that's going to happen. do you? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: giuliani said he doesn't want an in-person interview of the president to happen but if it does there should be strict parameters. >> we will insist to treat him the same way as clinton, two and a half hours. we end. we walk out. i would like to get one not
1:31 pm
under oath. i'd want it a videotaped and not videotaped but audio. make sure they don't misrepresent his answers. >> reporter: focused much of the fire on the man he once hired to serve under him in the manhattan u.s. attorney's office, fired fbi director james comey. >> sorry, jim. you're a liar. a disgraceful liar. >> reporter: and giuliani claimed another reason the president fired the fbi director last may. >> he fired comey because comey would not among other things say that he wasn't a target of the investigation. he's entitled to that. hillary clinton got that. and he couldn't get that. so he fired him and he said i'm free of this guy. >> reporter: the official white house reasoning at the time was that comey had mishandled the hillary clinton e-mail investigation and days later the president himself said this. >> in fact, when i decided to just do it, i said to myself, i said, you know, this russia
1:32 pm
thing with trump and russia is a made-up story. >> reporter: comey's firing is now one subject of mueller's obstruction of justice investigation, meanwhile trump campaign director was interviewed by the special counsel team's wednesday and he said they had very specific questions on collusion. >> these guys know more about the trump campaign than any one person that worked there. i think they're focused on russian collusion and i think they believe they'll get to something. i just disagree. >> and when koimts to the firing of james comey, the white house press secretary sapders she responded to rudy giuliani's latest revelation saying a number of reasons why the president fired the fbi director and then said bottom line the president doesn't have to justify the firing. of course, jake, the firing of james comey is just one part of this obstruction investigation by mueller's team. jake? >> jessica, thank you so much. my political panel is back with me. the question, of course, why
1:33 pm
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giving more women great hair days - every day. pantene. world's number one... conditioner brand. we're back with the political panel now. the reasoning for firing comey has had quite the evolution. the day that comey was fired the president's initial statement blamed recommendations of attorney general sessions and deputy attorney general rosenstein. the next day then deputy white house press secretary said the president lost confidence in comey and she said comey failed the stop leaks at the fbi and errors of comey in senate testimony and then may 11th was that nbc lester holt interview and suggested the russia thing on his mind making the decision to fire comey. fast forward to last month, the president tweeted he was not fired because of the quote phony russia investigation and then giuliani said comey was fired because he wouldn't say that president trump wasn't a target
1:38 pm
in the investigation. kaitlyn, so why did president trump fire comey? we have not gotten a straight answer in the whole time. >> depends on the day of the week you ask. even the president himself, of course, he tweeted a month ago he didn't fire james comey because of the russia investigation. and then now rudy giuliani we should note spoke with president trump before that sean hannity interview last night and after goes on and says that the reason he fired him is because comey wouldn't tell him he wasn't the focus of the investigation and james comey said he wouldn't tell the president that because he wasn't the subject of the investigation and told the president that and wouldn't make a public statement to correct that public statement should the president come under investigation ala hillary clinton. it was the president who wanted james comey to go out there and make that public statement so the rudy giuliani saying that they're going back with what the president told lester holt a year ago and seeing how the white house doesn't have a straight answer for firing james comey and sarah sanders laughed
1:39 pm
about it today at the briefing asked about the changing story from the white house and i actually thought this was one of the more explosive parts of rudy's interview last night. >> absolutely. >> in addition to stormy daniels. it raises the questions. it's certainly something that robert mueller is going to be looking at. >> robby, do you think there's a strategy here? i mean, is there a reason rudy giuliani would reveal this now? >> i think the theory that's been out there is trying to get dirty laundry out on their own terms and i see truth to that. i find amusing the one thing that this administration used to be quote/unquote good at is lying and now they can't lie anymore. i -- you know? they can't even keep the lie consistent. and let's be clear. this is like everything else we have seen so far. they fired comey because of the investigation. because trump wanted to get rid of the investigation. everything is telling us that. even the words they're say rg telling us that so at this point
1:40 pm
i don't even know that it should be in doubt that that was the reason that this was done. >> but from -- >> that's the reason -- he told the russians to find comey to get the pressure off. bill chris snol? >> he got mueller and maybe tougher to deal with and probably he thinks the mistake is not laying the ground well enough for justifying the -- rallying the base to support the firing of comey, not discrediting and slandering and attacking comey enough ahead of time and then didn't appoint somebody as formidable as mueller. i think the lesson of trump is paid no price for the lying and only problem he has is robert mueller and i think he is laying the groundwork and what giuliani is doing. that's one of the things he said last night was the incredible assault on the department of justice. personal attorney, i guess that's what giuliani is, deferment of justice,
1:41 pm
disgracement -- >> storm troopers. >> that's the fbi guys i think. sessions and rosenstein should end it, giuliani said. a month, two months ago, we are cooperating, we hope it ends. this investigation's coming the year -- mueller's appointment i think may 16th. two weeks from now the one-year anniversary of it. i think trump's entirely capable and i think consistent with what he and the team doing saying one year is crazy that this is still going on. proved nothing, no collusion. he says that over and over and learned in public relations reputation works and i wouldn't be surprised to fire all of them. mueller, it's question of trump to fire him r directly. trump asserted in passing of course i can fire mueller. that's part of the presidential power and laying the groundwork for that, too. i think we are heading to trump finishing the job of his point of view and doing the best to
1:42 pm
end the investigation. whether it ends it because of course it would go on and the justice department is another question. would he buy time and turn it into a huge political battle which he thinks he is better off at having than a legal battle. legal battle defending things as with stormy daniels payments that are hard to defend. a political battle could probably fight it to a draw given the behavior of republicans on the hill and the base and the support of the base so far. >> we'll talk more about it, bill. you sound disappointed with republicans on hill. stick around. we have a lot to talk about. who knew you couldn't go after a quote fine woman? why does rudy giuliani think that ivanka trump should be off limits? stay with us. technology advisors you get the one-on-one partnership you need to grow your business. the dell vostro 15 laptop. contact a dell advisor today. looking for a hotel that fits... whoooo. ...your budget? tripadvisor now searches over...
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in our politics lead, another stunner from president trump's new attorney rudy giuliani calling jared kushner the president's aid and son-in-law disposable and in that same breath said that first daughter ivanka trump is off limits to special counsel robert mueller's probe. >> jared is a fine man. you know that. but men are, you know, disposable. but a fine woman like ivanka, come on. >> jared is disposable. robby mook, saying that in the context of a federal investigation is a rather stunning thing to say. >> yeah. and obviously the original sin here was that the president appointed his children. i mean, just think about that for a second. appointed his children to official white house posts so sometimes we forget they're actually, you know, taxpayer funded white house officials
1:48 pm
right now. and for that reason alone they can't be immune. i would say they can't be immune anyway but the president can't have it both ways and put his children in positions of enormous power particularly in the case of jared and then say they're off limits. the disposal comment is beyond me. i think i assume the president had had some conversation with giuliani where they wanted to lay down the predicate that ivanka is somehow off limits. i don't understand what the threat is. i don't understand -- you know, i think by saying that there will be a public backlash they're making it less likely that there will be one now and i don't understand the rationale of the strategy but i assume there's a conversation about calling jared expendable, everybody else up against jared lost their job so i -- would be interesting the see where this goes. >> robby, i don't want to relitigate it. when bill clinton was president he did put his wife in charge of health care. not for money and i don't want
1:49 pm
to get into a whole thing. >> i think the first lady's a little different. first lady is different. >> okay. i just wanted to make that note. back to jared. bill kristol, do you think jared kushner in any way could ever flip on the president if he had damaging information? >> yeah, i don't know. the president could flip on him i think. he was part of that trump tower meeting. obviously some point, i mean, mike caputo with interesting quotes on tape earlier calling him in and all about russia collusion and contrary to what president said. and they had a huge amount of information, presumably the trump tower meeting is part of that. i don't believe we think that he has yet testified before mueller? we don't know maybe but that would be very interesting moment and i think trump has, you know, knows that's part of the problem, part of what might happen. i think they want to make it illegitimate to call ivanka trump and reasons why and the course of the investigation you might want to get her
1:50 pm
information. i guess she couldn't testify about what -- she would have protection about her husband and not other things and very involved in the campaign. i don't know what giuliani had in mind about the disposal thing. it seems silly and a reminder in general of what mueller knows and the caputo comments and he has other people to pressure and people not called to testify yet who are central to this. >> right. >> again, that's why i think trump thinks i cannot -- mueller investigation is mortal threat to the presidency. getting rid of them all is a threat and difficult and that he's more confident to fight than defending himself against what mueller finds i think. >> that might happen. ivanka and president trump are obviously very, very close. you could argue she is the closest person to him in his inner circle. mueller has not interviewed her yet. politico reports, quote, mueller's decision to steer clear of the first daughter at least for now is a signal of the don't poke the bear until you
1:51 pm
have to strategy. do you think muler is afraid that interviewing ivanka pushes the president to fire him as bill kristol was discussing? >> that could be an ops. the president holds ivan that in high regards and in one of the most coveted, highest positions in the white house and not surprising if mueller did call on ivanka to speak with him in an interview or however he would do that because look at everything she knows. she was involved in the campaign for sometime. she was on that flight back from germany when they dictated that statement about why they held that trump tower meeting when it was -- that false statement saying that it was actually about russian adoption and, of course, it was in hopes of securing dirt on hillary clinton and she was also in new jersey with the president and other white house staffers the weekend that the president made up the mind to fire the former fbi director james comey. the level of ivanka's involvement in those decisions and in day-to-day operations at the white house, of course, is
1:52 pm
still in question because it would not be that surprising if mueller did want to find out what ivanka knows but certainly it could be the one thing that sent the president over the edge. of course, he is not happy with robert mueller and ivanka is someone he holds very, very highly in regard. >> all right. everyone, stick around. we have more to talk about. why's the president's lawyer telling three americans in north korea detained in north will be released and they cannot validate that report. is anyone on the same page? why is giuliani making this announcement? stay with us. my day starts well before i'm even in the kitchen. i need my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i need to shave my a1c.
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in our world lead, the white house says they cannot confirm
1:57 pm
reports this three american detainees in north korea will be released soon coming hours after both president trump and his lawyer rudy giuliani hinted at potentially very good news that they would be released leaving the families of the three men in what i can only imagine is unbelievable spence. a source with knowledge of the negotiations tells cnn that their release is imminent. paula hancocks joins me now. they said u.s. officials is confident and have we seen evidence that they have moved detainees? >> reporter: no, jake. we haven't seen that evidence at this point. we've been checking with all of our sources. one official with knowledge of these ongoing negotiations say that is they can't confirm that these three have been moved from a labor correctional facility to closer to pyongyang, the capital. so that simply hasn't been stood up at this point and heard from the white house and the state
1:58 pm
department they can't confirm the reports. we have the report of this official that it is imminent and this is apparently following months of talks. the foreign minister went to sweden back in march which we reported on at the time and apparently according to this official it's there that he proposed releasing the three individuals. but the u.s. officials that were being told that point didn't want it linked to the issue of denuclearization and the families we understand have not heard anything more and officials here haven't heard anything more and up until this point, jake, what we are hearing about this potentially being today is simply from rudy giuliani. >> and, paula, in the trump tweet, president trump seemed to cast some shade on president obama for being ineffectual with the issue of getting detainees released. two of these three were captured while president trump was in office. >> reporter: that's right, yes. only one who was actually
1:59 pm
arrested back in october 2015. he was detained for espionage and found guilty for espionage and charged with ten years hard labor. other two who were teaching at a university in pyongyang detained while trump was in office so certainly you're correct there, jake. they were detained for hostile acts which is really unspecified what exactly the north koreans believe they had done, jake. >> all right. paula hancocks in seoul, south korea, thank you so much. i appreciate it. before i go, we have a couple news hits. my book is for hard cover fiction so thank you to all of you who have been buying it and if you have not yet get your copy of the hellfire club. and her's the second bit of news i should note that millennium films announced to make a film version of "the outpost" which
2:00 pm
is my nonfiction book about the men and women at combat outpost keating in afghanistan and the people that love them with scott eastwood as the staff sergeant, both they were awarded the medal of honor and orlando bloom first lieutenant keating for whom the outpost was named. that's it for the lead and turn you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." thank you for watching. happening now, presidential pay back. the white house forced to defend its false statements and president trump's about hush money paid to stormy daniels after new lawyer rudy giuliani drops multiple bombshells. as giuliani thrown the legal team into disarray? we are not suckers. rudy giuliani blind sides the white house and accuses robert mueller of trying to trap president trump in committing perjury. will he let mueller interview the president? deadly accurat